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Algonquin Snowmobile Club

R.R. #1, Dwight, Ontario


Email: algonquinsc@gmail.com

Welcome to

Algonquin Snowmobile Club!

Algonquin Snowmobile Club is located in the communities of Dwight, Hillside & Oxtongue Lake and our postcode is P0A 1H0, in the heart of Ontario's snowbelt region. We're about 2½ hours north of Toronto.

As a member of the Muskoka Snowmobile Region and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, our trail system includes almost 300 km of trails that run from Algonquin Park in the East, to Huntsville in the West, Kearney in the North to Dorset in the South.

If you'd like more information about riding the Algonquin Snowmobile Trails or would like to become a Algonquin Snowmobile Club member, you can reach us @ algonquinsc@gmail.com  or contact any of our executive members or join our Mailing List.





James Smith - website creator

ASC Membership
Link to the FAQ’s page:https://permits.ofsc.on.ca/faq-contact

Rules to Photo Contest.2017

1) All pictures become the property of the ASC.

2) Photos must be taken on the ASC trail system.

3) Contest starts upon the opening of the asc trail system & ends at trail closure.

4) Winner or winners have to be ASC member or members in good standing (Memberships are $10.00 per family or single)

5) Winner or winners will be announced shortly after trails are closed.

6) Photos must be sent to ASC email address: algonquinsc@gmail.com

7) Make sure your NAME & PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL ADDRESS & TRAIL NUMBER WHERE TAKEN  are sent in with your photo.

PHOTO CONTEST 2016/ 2017  

Calling All ASC Members and Volunteers

Mark your calendar APRIL 22, 2017, Oxtongue Community Centre Algonquin Snowmobile Club Annual General Meeting. Breakfast will be served starting at 8:30 a.m. The club, in appreciation of their time and permission all Club Members and Landowners breakfasts are complimentary! The AGM will start at 10:00 a.m.
Volunteers are the backbone of snowmobiling in Ontario. We are small army of individuals who donate their personal time and energy to drive the success of each clubs’ ability to build and maintain their trail systems. The Algonquin Snowmobile Club invites everyone who enjoys snowmobiling in the
Hillside/Dwight/Oxtongue/Lake of Bays area and cares about the sustainability of our snowmobile trails to consider volunteering.

This is an Election Year for the Algonquin Snowmobile Club. Your executive is the cornerstone of the club and we are in need of volunteers to sit on the board. All positions are open to any ASC member in good standing (current full paid membership). The Algonquin Snowmobile Club has a history of having the most active membership and social calendar in the District, and we want this tradition to continue. A strong engaged executive is critical to the ongoing success of the club. This year we are hoping for new volunteers with fresh eyes and ideas.

Our Executive committee will continue working to grow the club membership, recruit volunteers and focus on succession and strategic planning for the next generation of snowmobilers.
Please consider coming forward and volunteering. If you are interested in any position or have further questions please contact any current member of the executive or the club President Paul Murray by emailing

Algonquin Snowmobile Club Executive Positions
Any individual of legal age (19) and holds a full Algonquin Snowmobile Club Membership is eligible for election to the executive.
The club executive shall consist of:
President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of three Directors.
The term of office for each position is two (2) years. The executive and directors shall be club member’s nominated either prior to or at the Annual General Meeting of the Algonquin Snowmobile Club. The election shall be held during the AGM.
Should there be only one nominee for each position he/she may be elected by acclamation.
The newly elected executive will take office immediately following the close of the Annual General Meeting.

Position Duties:

The president shall be responsible to call club and Executive meetings as necessary.

Chair all Executive and Club meetings,

Be responsible for all club related provincial guidelines and programs.

Attend District meetings and others as required to represent the club.

Shall have signing authority for funds pertaining to the function of the club.

Ensure that the club meets the standards of membership to maintain the status as a club in good standing with the OFSC.


Assist the President in all aspects of Club business

Shall attend or preside at meetings where the President is unable to attend


Keep a record of all meetings

When necessary issue notice of meetings to club members

Conduct club correspondence

Retain an official copy of club By-laws and amendments

Update the OFSC online lists of Landowners and Volunteers


Shall collect membership fees and keep record of all financial transactions of the club

Provide the financial statements at each meeting

Pay any accounts payable upon authorization of the President

Sign cheques

Prepare and submit financial statements when necessary to the MSR

DIRECTORS: the duties of the Directors will be assigned by the Executive or according to the interest of the individual

Volunteer Positions:
The following club positions are required to maintain “good standing” within the \OFSC:

Trail Patrol Co-ordinator – to act as ambassadors for information to snowmobilers and to maintain permit compliance on OFSC trails

Signage Installation – install signs per the OFSC Risk Management guidelines

Signage Inspection – ensure that all trails are signed to OFSC standards and is responsible for sign off of A-01 forms that allow trails to be available at the beginning of each season. Also responsible to make sure that the signage is compliant during the season. (This position must be someone other than individuals responsible for sign installation.)

Social Director – responsible for coordinating club social activities and recruitment of volunteers for each event the club sponsors.

Trail Boss/Grooming Coordinator – responsible for all trail and equipment related activities, including grooming schedule, trail brushing coordination of groomer operator training and reporting.

Director of Business Liaison and Sponsorship – promote the club with local businesses through sponsorship and promotion

Director of Landowner Relations – liaise with our valued landowners and communicate each season to ensure that the use of trails on private property